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Spiral corrugated pipe heat transfer properties
Spiral corrugated pipe heat transfer properties
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Spiral corrugated pipe heat transfer properties
Spiral corrugated pipe (patent number: ZL03229223.6) is the company and sinopec luoyang petrochemical engineering corporation jointly, in horizontal stripes corrugated pipe on the basis of the study, which focuses on horizontal stripes of corrugated pipe processing and high cost, slow speed, parameters such as single faults, the heat exchange tube processing into a spiral corrugated type, tube flow resistance than horizontal stripes bellows, basically keep horizontal grain strengthening heat transfer performance of bellows, and greatly improved the corrugated pipe processing speed, reduce processing costs.
Between July and September 2002 in xi 'an jiaotong university national laboratory of multiphase flow and heat transfer of spiral corrugated heat exchange tube and resistance performance research experiment was carried out, which in turn for industrial application.The results show that the improvement is successful, achieve the desired effect.
Spiral corrugated pipe processed by special equipment, and annealing treatment.A spiral corrugated tube bulge, when the fluid flows through the tube stranded boundary layer is destroyed, the heat transfer effect than light mind a lot, at the same time reduce the formation of scale formation.Its outside corresponding formation of the spiral corrugated pipe surface, not only increase the heat transfer area is slightly also promote the disturbance of the fluid, also to strengthen the heat transfer effect.So spiral corrugated pipe finally achieved the purpose of strengthening heat transfer on both sides, compared with ordinary light tube heat exchanger, tube in turbulence, the film heat transfer coefficient is about 2.2 times the average aggrandizement, pipe outside the film heat transfer coefficient improved about 1.5 times on average.The total heat transfer rate more than 45% higher than that of ordinary light tube heat changer, can reduce the heat transfer area of about 35%, reduce equipment investment bring significant economic benefits to the user.But due to the roughness on the surface of the spiral corrugated pipe is lower than the horizontal stripes bellows, compared with the light pipe about double the tube pressure drop, shell pressure drop increases about 25%.Spiral corrugated pipe overall heat transfer effect of bellows about 10 ~ 15% lower than horizontal grain, but vortex tube pressure drop is only about 60% of the horizontal stripes threaded pipe.Thus bring good economic benefits at the same time, also reduces the manufacturing cost.
This product after son went public in 2004, by the end of 2005 the product applied to petrochemical industry performance more than 600 units.CTHE can complete process design calculation software for design, production and manufacturing departments.

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