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How to Bend Stainless Tubing

Securing the tubing at both ends and ramming it in the center to bend the tubing with a ram bender machine will get the job done. This is one of the most simple methods but it tends to damage the tubing both on the inside curvature and on the outside as well. The conformation of the tube at the point of the bend is flattened out.

Bend your tubing without damage to the interior walls by using a Mandrel bending machine. A mandrel is a flexible tube that fits inside the stainless tubing that is to be bent. When the bending occurs, the mandrel prevents the tubing from collapsing internally, thereby keeping its shape throughout the bend.

Bend your tubing into a circular shape using a ring roll bender. This machine forces the stainless tubing into a perfect circular shape without damaging or changing the diameter of the exterior or interior walls of the tube.

Use a rotary draw bending machine when you wish to do fancier work such as ornamental scrolling, staircase handrails and things of that nature. It not only does not change the diameter of the tubing but it doesn't mar the outside finish either. With rotary draw bending, the tubing is held in position by a stationary die and is then bent into the proper form by a forming die.

Use whichever method is the most desirable for your tube bending needs. Tube bending machines are not cheap so plan wisely when beginning such a project.